Hi friends, this is Kat from loststreetkat!
By popular demand, I am opening up some slots for cat commissions for the first time to the public:

To submit your request, please fill out this Google Form:

Thank you so much for your interest!

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-Commissions will be sized at 5"x7" and done traditionally in watercolor and lined with archival ink.
-At the moment, all portraits of the cats will have simple backgrounds by default.
-This will be a physical item that will be shipped to you once the commission is completed.
-Commissions will be done on a first come, first serve basis.
-I am only taking a fixed amount of commissions at a time. If you have not made it into the initial round of commissions, I will notify you by email and you may choose whether or not you would like to be on a waitlist.

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$45 base cost for one cat with simple background
+$20 for additional cat (max 2 additional cats)
+extra design fees (if request is accepted ie. background, props, ..)

SHIPPING (Includes tracking for as far as USPS is capable of)
USA - $3.50
Canada - $10
Mexico - $11
World - $13.50

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-Once your commission request is approved, I will be sending you an invoice from PayPal
-Commission will only be started once I have received payment
-You will receive a initial sketch for your approval.
(During this time, you may request for small changes in the sketch, but please be aware that larger changes may be subject to additional cost. If you wanted additional items to be sketched in, these would be an additional cost.)
-Final artwork approval; artwork cannot be changed at this time due to the nature of traditional media, however color enhancements may be requested.
-If any, remainder of balances must be settled
-Commission will be shipped to you

Please be mindful that I am only one person, so the process may take up to 2 weeks starting from day of payment due to volume of requests.

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-I reserve the right to refuse any part of a commission whether it be due to be behavioral issues, or whether I do not feel as if I am skilled enough to complete your request.
-Commissioned pieces are for personal use and may NOT be used mass produced for profit or commercialized.